Website building tips

With more and more people using technology everyday, CMS (stands for content management systems like wordpress,blogger) have made it so that pretty much everyone can build a website.  Whether its for free or on paid hosting you can have a website up and running usually within a couple hours.  What separates websites is quality.  The higher the quality of your website the more visits and shares you will get.  Check out some tips on how to make sure your website is as good as it can be.

  • Using wordpress?  Make sure you download some plugins.  Head over to and look at some useful plugins that you think will help you.  For example there are a lot of plugins that will help you optimize your website for search engines, that way it is easier to people to find your site using Google.  One plugin i would recommend you google is SNAP.  This posts to all your social network accounts with ever post you make.
  • Add pictures and videos.  No one wants to see a plain site with blocks of texts and if Google sees this it will probably think you are spam.  Build high quality posts with relevant pictures to follow.
  • Finding the right theme is 50% of the battle.  Find a theme that suits your content and your audience.  Figure out what your goal is with your website and find a theme that will help you achieve that.  If you are running a store find a theme that lays out your site in a way that encourages people to make purchases.
  • Email other website owners in the same niche as you and ask if they are open to guest posts.  This is a good way to expose your content to a different audience and also get some backlinks from an established site.  Choose someone who isn’t going to take your request as competition, also offer them a guest post on your site if they are interested.  Appeal to their interests, why should they help you out?
  • When building a website be sure to never give up.  Prepare yourself to get stuck and frustrated at some points.  If it was easy to build a high quality website everyone would do it.  Look for online resources to help you out and forums to join.  I would also recommend joining a forum then reaching out to start a skype group to bounce ideas off of each other.

Badass guide on building a computer

Some social media tips

Working hard at social media is not always the solution.  Working effectively is an important part of have success with any endeavors.  Narrow down who you want to target before you start blasting out your links on all social media sites.

Maintaining solid social media accounts requires a little bit of time to be concentrated on it. You don’t want to be wasting your time managing 10 accounts when you could be using 4.  Part of this is finding the most popular social media platforms with your target audience, this will allow you to build a strong presence online.

There are countless social media platforms available today. It is poor practice to try and grow a strong presence on every single one. Having a mediocre presence on six or seven social media platforms probably hurts your reputation as opposed to having a strong presence on three or four platforms that you know your target audience uses.